Web hosting service – Reliability ,Uptime and Types

What is web hosting ?

Web hosting is a service which enables us to host our website content on a server and point our website url to it so that other people can see it. Today let’s talk about web hosting service reliability and uptime.

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Web hosting service Reliability ,Uptime and Types

So, now that we know what web hosting is and why we need it, let’s talk about it’s uptime first.

What is website Uptime ?

Website uptime is referred to as the amount of time the website is available to the users over a given period.

In other words, uptime is the amount of time a website can be accessed by users or subscribers over the internet in a given time period.

For example, if a website has an uptime of 50% in a time period of 1 day, then it means it has an uptime of 12 hours.

The above was just an example, websites usually have 99.999% of uptime, they are hardly down.


Whenever you purchase a domain name and hosting, you expect your website to be up 24/7 because for some businesses 1 second of downtime may cost thousands of dollars.

But, if you go and search the websites of the web hosting service provider, they always write that 99% of uptime guaranteed.

But does that mean that web hosting services aren’t reliable? Well, the answer is Yes and No.

No, because if you go for cheap local companies offering you hosting service, they usually don’t have adequate resources.

By resources I mean not enough well qualified technical staff, lack of proper power backup and also they don’t have a reputation yet so they might be careless.

If you go for reputed companies that are offering these hosting services then the situation changes.

The big companies offer better service as they have well qualified technical staff, power backup system, cyber security systems etc.

Additionally, they are way more concerned about their reputation than the local reselling companies.

Although, these big companies might also suffer from cyber security attacks or power failures, but that would be a rare case.

So, you can trust the reputed companies with respect of reliability.

Types of Hosting Services

Web hosting services are of different types. There are various factors which are considered before purchasing a web hosting service.

Some of these factors are:

  1. Amount of visitors on the website
  2. Bandwidth required
  3. Amount of Cpu resources required like, Ram, SSD etc.
  4. Amount of media stored on the website (images and videos)
Web hosting service Reliability ,Uptime and Types

The following are the different types of web hosting services.

1. Shared Hosting

This is the most common type of hosting service generally used by beginners as it costs less.

The server resources are shared by many websites. So, it can handle only a limited amount of visitors.

If a website has high monthly traffic then such type of hosting isn’t suitable. However, it’s great to start with this hosting service.

2. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting service is used by those website owners who have a huge amount of monthly traffic.

The website administrator has full control over the server but isn’t the owner of the server. The server belongs to the hosting company.

This is one of the cheapest options available in terms of dedicated hosting as one gets all the benefits of a personal server without worrying about power backup.

But the cyber security of the server has to be managed by the website owner personally.

3. Virtual Dedicated Server

This is also known as virtual private server (vps). The server resources are divided into parts and each of that part acts as a standalone virtual server.

This is a good option in terms of affordability. But, it requires a professional expertise to manage such type of hosting.

This type of hosting service offers features somewhere between a dedicated server hosting and shared hosting.

4. Managed Hosting

Managed hosting service provides hosting with optimization for particular platforms like wordpress.

If you are going to host a WordPress website, then managed hosting is also a good option. It is specifically optimized for wordpress.

Managed hosting offers physical server resources according to the need of the service running on the server.

For example, if you are going to run a wordpress website, then it will give you say 2 GB of ram, 50 GB SSd etc.

So, Manged hosting is also a very good type of web hosting.

5. Reseller Hosting

The Reseller hosting service is provided by a reseller who is not the owner of the server. Reseller is responsible for the tech support and other services.

Resellers are provided an amount of space in a server and they sell that space to multiple customers like shared hosting.

The disadvantages of this type of hosting are that the tech support may not be up to the mark and server speeds may be slow.

6. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting in which a website is stored on multiple servers. So, if a server goes down, the website is still up.

This increases the web hosting service reliability on the server as their is very less chance of a website going down. Even power failures can’t affect the website uptime.

In case of natural disaster also the website won’t be affected as the other servers present in different locations will be able to host it.

This type of hosting is expensive so only well established businesses can use such service. It uses cluster hosting method.


So, in this post we learnt about what is web hosting service reliability, types and Uptime of a website.

Also, I would like to mention that among all the hosting types, one should choose according to their needs and budget.

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