How to wave on messenger

Well today we will be talking about How to wave on messenger on Facebook.

This feature has been added by Facebook so that users can now interact more with each other.

Also, such feature allows one to reduce the awkwardness of saying hi first to someone.

What does it mean to wave on messenger?

How to wave on facebook messenger

So, before we start and talk about how to wave on messenger, let’s first understand that what does it mean to wave on messenger.

Whenever you add a new contact in your messenger, it prompts you to wave the other person.

This is a new way of saying hi ! to your new friend on facebook messenger.

So, just think of it as a gesture that you pass whenever you see your neighbour or your friend.

You can wave to anyone on Facebook messenger and in answer they can also wave you back.

This is a great way to start a conversation with a friend.

How do I wave at someone on messenger?

From android mobile

how to wave on messenger

Step 1

Download Facebook messenger app and install it. Then go to the messenger.

Step 2

Go to contacts and select a person who you want to contact.

Step 3

Open the chat and you will be able to see a big image of a hand saying, say hi to John with a wave.

Step 4

Click on wave button and a wave will be sent to that person.

From Desktop

Sadly, you just can’t go to and send wave from there. This can either be done on Android or Microsoft messenger app.

Step 1

Go to Microsoft Store and search for Facebook Messenger.

Step 2

Download and login.

Step 3

Go to contacts and wave, similar to android.

How to wave on messenger from iphone

Waving on messenger from iphone is similar to the one mentioned in waving on android.

Just follow the steps mentioned above and you can do it via your iphone also.

Open the messenger app on your iphone and go to a contact. You should see wave button there.

Just click on that button and a wave will be sent to that person.

How to wave first on messenger

Facebook has introduced this new feature to their messenger through which saying hi to a friend has become easier.

The best thing about wave feature is that you don’t need to think about crafting a message to say hi.

In fact, you don’t even need to say hi. Just tap the wave button and start a conversation.

Often people feel awkward to start conversations with old friends with whom they haven’t talked for a while now.

So, this feature helps in reducing the pressure of how should I start a conversation.

Simply send a wave and the person will be delighted and may wave back and in this way you can start a conversation.

Additionally, one must not feel that there is anything wrong in waving first to a person.

Think of it as an alternative to hi and you can get your conversation started.

Also, there might be a situation that you meet some stranger and somehow manage to be friends with them.

Now you send them a friend request and it gets accepted. This is the time wave feature will come in handy.

As you don’t know the person much and it might be difficult to start a conversation.

Sending a wave would be appropriate and both of you will not feel awkward about it.

In fact you can expect them to wave back to you.

How to respond to a wave on messenger

Whenever a person waves at you, the best thing that you can do about it is wave back.

In the chat where they have sent you the wave, there is an option to wave back.

So, just press the wave back button and that person will receive a wave back from you.

Waving on Facebook is like another way of saying hi. So, waving back is like you saying them hi.

How to wave multiple times in messenger

You can wave at a person only if you see the wave button.

When you get connected to a person for the first time, then only you see the wave button.

So, there is no legit way of waving multiple times to the same person as it will be disturbing for the other person.

Facebook is concerned about it’s user experience and it doesn’t wants to allow people to spam anyone’s chat inbox.

Though there are few scripts available which can repeatedly send wave messages to a person.

But i won’t recommend using them.

How to delete a wave

If you have accidentally sent someone a wave and it’s been less than 10 minutes then you have the option to delete it.

Simply press and hold the wave you just sent and within 2 seconds you will see a pop up.

Tap on remove followed by delete for all. This is how you delete a wave in Facebook messenger.

How can i disable Facebook’s wave function

I know it’s really awkward to keep on waving to people randomly everyday accidentally. But, there is no way to disable wave function.

All you can just do is use the method mentioned above to delete a wave you sent mistakenly.

But sadly Facebook has not provided the option to completely turn it off.

Why can’t I wave in messenger ?

If you haven’t added a person as a friend or a contact then you cannot wave them in messenger.

Additionally, if a person has blocked you then also you won’t be able to send them a wave.

Facebook has not made any rules or threshold to qualify for this feature. It’s open and available to all.

So, if you can’t wave in messenger then it is because of the two reasons mentioned above.

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