20 Best blogging niches – Most profitable blogging niche

If you are reading this, then I believe that you confused about how to get started. After reading this complete guide on 20 Best blogging niche – Most profitable blogging niche (2020), you will be able to choose a niche.

So, before you start I would like to tell you that every niche is profitable in it’s own way.

Whether you are passionate about it or not, that matters the most.

In case you don’t have a blog, you can read this article to start your own blog.

I will name the niche and give a description for each. So, let’s begin.

1. Fashion Blog

fashion blog
best blogging niche

This is one of the most popular and best blogging niche.

To start a fashion blog, you must have adequate amount of knowledge about the latest fashion.

This type of blog is also highly profitable as there are multiple ways you can monetize it.

You can find tons of fashion bloggers online to get inspiration and start one for yourself.

Investment Required

Initially you need to invest in the outfits and accessories that you will be reviewing.

After your blog grows, brands will start approaching you or you can approach them.


You can start a blog in this niche if you have interest in fashion and you stay updated with it.

There can be some challenges as well because it requires some initial investment but it has a huge scope.

Also, social media helps tremendously in such a kind of niche. Additionally, this is one of the most profitable blogging niche.

It’s really easy to grow on social media as you already have content to post.

2. Tech Blog

tech blog
best blogging niche

This is a very popular blogging niche with huge amount of monthly searches.

If you properly start a tech blog, then you can really do great in this field.

You can monetize it in many ways, using Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate program, paid reviews etc.

This type of a blog generates huge amount of visitors and will also help you gain recognition and authority.

Investment Required

Tech blog requires high investment in the initial stage because you will need to buy products.

Once you gain some authority, you can visit the local brand shops and ask them to let you review the product.

In return you can give their address in video description or in your blog. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Once you gain some popularity, brands will start approaching you and will send their products for review.


Tech blogs are great, but do remember the competition is huge out there. So, you must be aware of it.

However, if you produce quality content, chances are that your will get huge amount of traffic.

Also, tip for you : Start it as a tech news blog so that your blog might be featured in Google News.

If your blog manages to feature in Google News, trust me the traffic will be in 5-6 figures.

3. Travel Blog

travel blog
best blogging niche

If you are someone who wants to travel and see the world and earn money while doing so, then this is the niche for you.

Over the past 2 decades this blogging niche is on the boom because more and more people want to travel and enjoy.

The best perks of being a travel blogger is that you get to travel a lot.

There are many types of travel bloggers, some travel on motorcycles, some use cars while others just trek mountains on foot.

Some bloggers go overseas, to different countries and prepare a guide which might help other people who want to visit the same place.

Do maintain social media presence. You may also start a Youtube channel.

Investment Required

High invest required in your initial days, but as your blog and your authority grows, brands will approach you.

Additionally, you can also ask the hotel manager to give you a free stay and in return you feature them in your blog.

This might help you reduce the cost of travel.


Travel blog requires constant travelling, so only choose this if you love it.

Also, you can write about places without visiting them or if you have visited them in the past.

It is highly advisable to start Youtube channel to increase your reach and will also help you grow your blog.

4. Beauty Blog

beauty blog
best blogging niche

This type of blog is the best for ladies who want to showcase their makeup skills.

Makeup tips and tutorials has millions of monthly searches and this can generate huge Adsense income.

Moreover, the blogger can also manufacture their own makeup products and sell them on their website.

Knowledge about beauty products is required and one should be passionate to share the same.

Investment Required

The level of investment required is very low as one needs to purchase the products once which will last for a couple of tutorials.

Also, brand might send their products if you ask them to. Additionally, is one of the most profitable blogging niche.


It’s a great idea to start a beauty blog. It is either suitable for ladies or makeup artists.

If you are a makeup artist, it’s a great opportunity to gain authority in your niche with your blog.

As people will become more and more aware about you, film productions will start noticing and you might get a good offer from there.

5. Fitness Blog

fitness blog
best blogging niche

Fitness blog is a great way to help people to get into a better shape. This niche requires very high knowledge about fitness.

It’s very ideal and suitable for fitness trainers or gym freaks to start such a blog, as they have enough expertise.

People across the globe are not in good shape and are looking for some guidance to improve their health.

So, this niche also has millions of monthly searches.

Investment Required

This type of blog requires very less investment in terms of money but demands the blogger to be an expert in this field.


As a fitness blogger, you will be able to earn by giving personal training online, selling supplements or other products as an affiliate and also by running ads on your blog.

It’s the best blogging niche for someone who is into fitness.

Also, most of the content that you will be writing will be evergreen and you will just need to update it a bit.

Focus on quality not quantity in such blogging niche.

6. Photography Blog

Photography Blog
best blogging niche

If you are a professional photographer or want to be one then this is great option for you.

You will be to generate good income from Adsense and affiliate marketing of equipment.

Also, you will get to travel. You can approach and ask models for free photoshoot initially.

You can also be a wedding photographer and earn lots of money from there as well.

Investment Required

When it comes to photography blogging, you definitely need a professional camera.

Apart from that, you might also need to buy storage devices like hard drive.

Additionally, camera batteries are also required.

You might need to travel to different places and you will need to do that on your own expense.


Your blog will be a great source to make authority in your niche/field.

Also, it will add monetary benefits. Additionally, is one of the most profitable blogging niche.

Those who are interested in photography should do blogging in this field.

Again, photoshoot can be a great income source for you.

I would suggest that first create your own brand value by doing photoshoot at low prices.

Gradually, your work will speak for you and you will be able to gain more authority. Hence, more income.

7. Facts Blog

Facts blog
best blogging niche

This is a very popular blogging niche and one can make such a blog very easily because facts can’t be changed and facts are available on the internet.

So, you literally go and fetch facts online, compile them like top 10 facts about (something) and publish it.

People love reading facts.

Investment Required

No investment required. Just do some research online.

Buy a domain name and hosting.

Make sure you don’t copy the exact text. You may take facts, rewrite them and compile them.


A very easy to start blog which can ultimately help you generate lots of money.

But remember, most of your income is going to be from adsense.

So, don’t be very hopeful of getting affiliate products. However, you may use Amazon affiliate to promote related products.

8. Food Blog

food blog
best blogging niche

This is the best blogging niche for foodies.

Anyone who will start such a blog will get to eat a lot of different types of food in different locations.

So, apart from great food, you will be getting to travel as well. Ladies who are homemakers can also start this blog and share recipes.

Recipes have a very high search volume and it’s easy to rank such websites.

A youtube channel is recommended so that you can engage more audience.

Another benefit of starting a food blog is that you will get paid promotions of local restaurants very fast and then slowly you can make your way up to bigger brands as wel.

Investment Required

Very less initial investment required which includes food and travelling cost.

You will start getting local food outlet promotions soon but the payment will be low.

But, with time the payment you will be getting per review will increase. You just have to make authority in the field.


This is the best blogging niche for beginners. But one must be a foodie and must be willing to travel.

You must have a passion for this niche and need to give atleast 6 months before start generating revenue.

Video content will help your visitors engage with your blog content.

9. Movie Review Blog

Movie review blog
best blogging niche

Before going out to watch a movie or even before watch a web series on netflix, the first thing that people do is search about it’s reviews.

This kind of a blog needs to be frequently updated as and when new movies or web series are launched.

But, if you have high interest in the entertainment industry then you will definitely enjoy to watch movies and review them.

Easy to rank on google and you should also publish content as news, this will help you generate even more traffic.

Investment Required

You don’t have to spend a lot to start this blog. Just watch movies or check other reviews and re-write on your blog.


This blog has a huge scope because if you really work hard, you might even get to do paid reviews for movies.

Additionally, such type of blogs also generate lots of traffic and hence will help you to get good income via Adsense.

10. Stock Market Blog

Stocket market blog best blogging niche

This type of blogging niche requires very high level of expertise about stock market.

You will also give your contact details to book consultation calls for your clients.

This type of blog is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only the expert should start one.

Additionally, you may also write about stock market news and review stocks.

Also, you can give advices to people on how to buy stocks etc.

Investment Required

No investment required, you just need knowledge for starting such kind of a blog. Additionally, is one of the most profitable blogging niche.


This type of blog is for experts. Start such a blog will also help them increase authority in this field.

So, my advice would be that it’s a very good blogging niche idea and one can definitely work and earn from it.

11. Health Blog

health blog best blogging niche

Starting a health blog is great because of the amount of traffic it receives monthly. Though I would recommend you to blog in a micro niche of health.

But, this type of blog requires some level of expertise. If you are a medical professional, a dietitian then it’s a great niche for you.

Also, the content posted will be evergreen, you will just need to update it frequently.

You can post for example, how to tutorials, or health tips or 10 best practices to stay healthy etc.

Investment Required

No special investment required, just buy a domain and hosting and start your blog.


This is the best blogging niche idea for a health expert. It requires no initial investment.

Also, such a blog will greatly help generate authority online. You can also get clients via your blog.

Health brands can be approached for promotions. Additionally, you might even try Amazon affiliate program and get more revenue.

12. Celebrity Biography Blog

celebrity biography blog best blogging niche

This type of a blog contains information about celebrities like their age, spouse name, net worth etc.

People are very interest in this type of topic as they follow these celebrities and want to learn more about them.

Thus, such a blog receives huge amount of traffic montyly. Additionally, you may start writing some news about celebrities.

Fetching content is also very easy, you can also simply post about a celebrity uploading a new picture on Instagram.

Also, celebrities are always linked with some controversies and this can become a hot news, thus giving you more traffic.

Investment Required

No initial investment required, just keep updating the website with new information.


You can start this blog very easily, just learn some seo to rank your pages in google. Additionally, make some social media presence, as it will greatly help you.

The scope of such a blog is very good as the entertainment industry is growing and so will you with it.

13. Automobile blog

Automobile blog best blogging niche

All the car and bike enthusiasts, this is the best blogging niche for you guys.

You just need to write about cars and bikes. Just keep updating your blog with the latest articles and definitely do some seo.

Also, this type of blogs are fewer in comparison to fashion and travel blogs. So, you will have the opportunity to gain more attention from people.

Make sure to write quality content because this blog type has the audience with very high expectations.

Investment Required

Not much investment required but make sure that you visit the auto expo and other such events.

You just need to fetch details about newly launched vehicles and write your reviews about the same.


If you are passionate about automobiles only then start this type of blog. Otherwise, you will get bored and will eventually stop blogging.

Moreover, you might get paid promotions and reviews from the manufacturer. But, for that you need very high authority.

So, start this blog and give it atleast 6-8 months and then you will definitely see the results. Additionally, is one of the most profitable blogging niche.

You may have a look at this auto blog to get an idea about his blogging niche.

14. Lifestyle Blog

lifestyle blog best blogging niche

If you think that you have a lifestyle that will inspire others, then you must start this type of blog.

Lifestyle blogging is fairly new and is gaining popularity real fast. People have started Youtube channels as well for lifestyle blogging.

The benefit of such type of blog is that, you will be able to write about multiple things with no limitations.

For example, you can write about from where you buy clothes at cheap rates, which restaurants you go to etc.

If you travel, then you can write a detailed description about your travel. So, this is what you can write in your lifestyle blog.

Investment Required

This type of blog doesn’t particularly requires any kind of investment. You can just start with a blog and phone to click pictures.

Though, I would recommend you to invest in the initial stage of your blog. You will need to travel a lot.


A lifestyle blog will be kind of a personal blog where you will be writing about your personal experiences and sharing them with your audience.

Also, you should make social media presence as this will help you gain popularity.

You can monetize it via adsense or sell affiliate products.

15. Pet Care Blog

Pet care blog best blogging niche

If you are a pet owner than you probably know what are the challenges that one faces when they decide to adopt a pet dog or a cat.

So, you can start a blog about pet care and help other people to take better care of their pets.

However, you do need some level of expertise or ownership experience of how to handle a pet.

If you are a pet owner then it will be an added advantage. Usually people start such blogs as a hobby.

But, you can get some business also with it. You just need to promote affiliate products on your website and also Google Adsense can also help generate revenue.

Investment Required

No direct investment required but however, you can do need to be an experienced and knowledgeable pet owner.


This is the best blogging niche for animal lovers or people working for a non profit organisation can also start such a blog.

No investment required just buy a domain name and a hosting plan and get started.

However, results might take 8-10 months to show results so be patient and don’t give up.

16. Parenting Blog

Parenting Blog best blogging niche

This blog requires you to be a parent in order to build credibility.

Nowadays people are more aware and want to understand their child. Also, they want to be good parents.

But, being a good parent is tough. They need help and if you think you can help parents, you must jump in and start this blog.

You can write about parenting tips, how to deal with aggressive children, how to build self-confidence in a child etc.

Also, whenever a child is born, parents start searching online about child care. So, you can write about such topics on your blog.

Investment Required

No investment required. Just high knowledge and good amount of experience about parenting. Additionally, is one of the most profitable blogging niche.


My advice would be that a mother or a father to a child may start such a blog which requires no investment.

Also, monetizing it is also easy via Adsense or Affiliate links to child care products.

You can also use amazon affiliate program and recommend books or stuff !

17. Finance Blog

Finance Blog best blogging niche

Almost everyone on this planet needs help in managing their finances. Especially, when a person gets his/her first job, their priority is finances.

If you are someone who is good with finance, you must go ahead and start a blog because this is the best blogging niche for you.

Also, most people think that finances are tough. So, you might help them by sharing information on your blog.

You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense and by giving private consultation to your clients.

Investment Required

You don’t need invest for this type of a blog. However, you must be highly qualified in finance or must have the needed expertise.


My conclusion is that only a person with knowledge about finance must start such a blog.

Additionally, you have the advantage that finance management has very high search volume.

18. Art and Craft Blog

art and craft blog best blogging niche

If you are creative and want to share your creativity and earn appreciation and money. Then, this is the best blogging niche for you.

The best thing about this kind of blog is that the amount of appreciation and recognition that you will be getting is huge.

You should create your original content and may also start your Youtube channel so as to increase audience engagement.

Investment Required

No investment required, you just need to showcase your art. Additionally, is one of the most profitable blogging niche.


I would suggest that this blogging niche is for only those who are artists and can create their original content.

So, it’s the best blogging niche for them as they just need to showcase their art and in return can earn money.

19. Sports Blog

sports blog best blogging niche

Nobody will tell you this, but this is the best blogging niche because it has one of the highest CPC (cost per click).

This means that you can generate more revenue from your blog via Google Adsense.

You should start it as a sports news blog because this way it will be easier to rank in google and also you will get huge amount of traffic.

You may also sell affiliate products on your news blog. Try Amazon affiliate.

Investment Required

No investment required. Just keep posting and updating about sports news.


If you are going to start this type of blog make sure you are passionate about sports. Try to focus on a particular micro niche . For example, cricket.

You must have good amount of knowledge about sports as you need to continuously update and add news to your blog.

20. Personality Development Blog

If you are someone who has a very good personality and you think you can help other people, then you must start a personality development blog.

According to a research about 80% of the people on our planet are afraid of public speaking and lack confidence.

So, you can write about such topics like for example, how to give a speech, how to dress properly etc.

Also, if you are a psychiatrist or relevant field, it will be a great opportunity to build credibility online and will also help your readers trust your content.

So, you can make authority online as well as offline. You may also get clients for personal training.

This will help you earn monetary benefits also.

Investment Required

No initial investment required, only knowledge about personality development is required.


This is the best blogging niche for HR managers or people who know about personality development skills.

If you are a good public speaker, that would be a key advantage as you can share the tips with your readers.

You may monetize with Google Adsense and also can sell your course or e-books on your blog.

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